About BootConfig2adoc

Spring-Boot-Configuration to AsciiDoc: AsciiDoctorJ-Extension to embed Spring-Boot configuration metadata files in AsciiDoc documents.

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
BootConfig2adoc :: Bill of Materials Bill of Materials that contains all and only Maven artifacts provided by this project.
BootConfig2adoc :: libary definition internal used dependency-management that contains all used dependencies
BootConfig2adoc :: core the actual implmentation
BootConfig2adoc :: adoc bundle the artifact that needs to been added to AsciidoctorJ
BootConfig2adoc :: integration test use SpringBootConfig in AsciidoctorJ run by real asciidoctor-maven-plugin in a real Spring-Boot-Project
BootConfig2adoc :: test util Utils used in normal tests and it tests